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SDPAC is proud to be the pioneer in Technology - Design - Distribution of plastic industry


About us

Changzhou SDPAC Co., Ltd. is located in C5, HUTANG science and Technology Industrial Park, Guangdian East Road, Changzhou City, with an area of nearly 10000 m2.

The company has a total investment of 20 million and a registered capital of 10 million. Is a professional engaged in all kinds of high-quality plastic pail design and manufacturing enterprises, special-using of plastic pails is the development direction of my company, we have 20 professionals in the industry, college degree or above, now engaged in enterprise research and development, production, quality, sales, finance and other work.

The company’s vision is to “strive to build a global famous brand of plastic pail” and has formed its own unique cultural system

1. To customers: to provide high quality products and services, establish mutual trust, stability, win-win partnership.

2. To employees: create a harmonious and win-win working environment, recognize, affirm and give full play to the unique value of each employee.

3. To the society: abide by national laws and regulations and industry rules, and establish green, innovative and grateful new enterprises.

Our Products

Our service



The Chen Hsong Group JM MK6 latest generation of energy-saving injection molding machine is used in the production and manufacturing equipment, with several sets of 120t, 260t, 320t, 650T, etc., and SINTO brand machine is used as auxiliary machine: manipulator, ice water machine, suction machine, dryer, etc., to ensure the stability of the product.


Service for OEMs

We can help customers design and produce all kinds of packaging related plastic products according to their specific use. From concept design, to product design, to mold design, to product processing, etc


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